"Let everything that has breath praise the LORD!"
– Psalm 150:6

Writer's Guidelines
Before you submit an entry, please make sure you read and follow these guidelines:


1. Our Mission


TORO! is a not-for-profit quarterly Christian literary journal dedicated to bringing encouragement, hope and inspiration to the body of Christ through creative writing and personal stories of God's work on the African continent.



2. Our Writers


We don't necessarily publish only African writers, rather we publish creative writing about Africa or that reflects Africa.



3. Our Audience


Every continent throws up its own unique challenges to living the Christian life and Africa especially has peculiar issues it faces with integrating the faith into the prevailing culture. TORO! targets Christians in Africa in particular as well as Christians everywhere who are interested in God's move in Africa and among African people living elsewhere in the world. We hope to also interest non-Christians with our articles, people who might be wondering what the hope of our calling in Christ is.


4. Our Publishing Cycle


TORO!  is a quarterly online publication, which means we publish four times a year, in January, April, July and October of every year.



5. What We Publish


As a general statement, TORO! publishes creative writing which is uplifting and encouraging, even while entertaining readers. We receive submissions all year round in the following broad categories: Creative Non-fiction (inspirational articles, mission field stories, interviews and christian personality spotlights, book reviews ), Fiction (flash fiction, short stories and poetry), and Arts & Photography (artwork and photography).


Creative Non-fiction:

We are looking for creative non-fiction pieces which inspire and encourage readers to look to God as their source and hope for this life.



We want to see creative writing that points to Jesus Christ, the Chief Character, rather than just good or clean stories, and poems which contemplate God and His works rather than merely philosophical musings.


Arts & Photography:

Arts and photography we publish will have uplifting subject matters that are inspired by and point to the works of God in creation, or which are a result of careful contemplation of life through the frame of God's word.



TORO! is not interested in:

1. Theological articles intended to prove a point or teaching, or which produce division and judgment among denominations

2. Positional articles to disprove one group of Christians or denomination
3. Articles about people and organizations which are self-promoting in nature.


6. Theme


Each issue of TORO! is a topical compendium of the different genres of creative writing and the arts/photography with a central theme running through them. We would like to see a lot of entries reflecting the thematic focus selected for each quarter and we ask that your keep this in mind. Your submission will NOT be automatically disqualified for not complying with the theme for any quarter, however. To know what the theme of each issue is, please watch out for the Call for Submissions or check this website for information.


The theme for our maiden edition (July – September, 2017) is PRAISE.



7. Specifications

1. Creative non-fiction articles should be 1000–3000 words in length

2. Short stories should be 1000 – 5000 words in length

3. Flash fiction should be less than 500 words in length

4. Images for the arts & photography categories should be submitted as high resolution jpg, gif or png image files

5. Written entries should be sent in Ms-Word format

6. Include a one-sentence (not paragraph) tagline/headline for each entry, for example, "This is a story/poem/etc about . . ."

7. There is no limit to the number of entries you can send. You can send more than one entry in any or all the categories.



8. Submissions


1. Write a short covering letter stating the issue you would like us to consider your entry for in the subject line

2. In the body of your covering letter, include a brief author's bio, which should be 100 words or less. The bio should be written in the third person and should state your nationality. Include any information about you that would be of special interest to our audience

3. All entries must be sent as attachments and not in the body of the email

4. If you are sending more than one entry in a single submission, each must be sent as a separate attachment and titled appropriately. For example, if you are submitting two (2) short stories and one (1) poem, you should have three (3) attachments in your email

5. TORO! editors reserve the right to edit all materials submitted. Please note that entries which require heavy correction will likely not be accepted in the first place.

6. We are not able to acknowledge individually each incident of submission. However if your entry is accepted for publication, you will be informed no earlier than seven (7) days after the submission deadline. If your submission made an impression on us but we are unable to accept it for some reason, we may provide you a brief review to help you work out and modify it in order to give it a better chance should you decide to resubmit it. You are not obliged to carry out the suggested review or to resubmit thereafter, however, and we bear no obligation to accept the work for publication thereafter.

7. As a courtesy to us, we prefer that the work you wish to submit should not have been previously published online, except on your personal blog or website (please provide links to the publication). However, it may have been published in print either on its own or as part of an anthology. Also, you will be expected not to publish the same work online elsewhere within a period of three months from the date it is accepted for publication in TORO!

8. The copyright to your work remains with you at all times.



9. Deadlines


We accept entries all year round, from January 1st to December 31st. However, to be considered for inclusion in any issue, your entry should reach us at least 30 days before the beginning of a publishing cycle.



10. Distribution & Fees

TORO! will be available on this website, and promoted primarily by email, as a FREE downloadable PDF. We are currently unable to pay you a fee for your entries nor do we charge you a submission fee.

We look forward to receiving your entry!


Team TORO!

[Last updated: 21 April, 2017]